Welcome to Hydrobiology

Hydrobiology is an environmental consulting company offering integrated services in the physical, biological and chemical processes of environmental systems with a particular emphasis on the aquatic environment.

We have key technical strengths in the areas of risk assessment, impact assessment, hydrology, ecotoxicology, freshwater and marine ecology, river mechanics, water quality, geochemistry and contaminated sediment management.

Hydrobiology’s focus is technical excellence and high level scientific expertise delivered within a commercial framework. We are able to provide our clients with the best possible understanding of environmental risk for their environmental and impact management needs.

Australian Water Quality Guidelines

We are currently working on major revisions to the ANZECC guidelines. Contact us for more details.

Renewable Energy Presentation to Bangladesh’s Renewable Energy Development Authority

Hydrobiology’s Dr Andy Markham traveled to Bangladesh with Dr Trang Huynh and Dr Frances Alexander to present the outcomes of the first stage of an Asian Development Bank (ADB) funded renewable energy project to Bangladesh’s Renewable Energy Development Authority (SREDA).  Representatives from the Ministries of Fisheries and Livestock, Power, Energy and Mineral Resources attended the…

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Mapping of Coastal and Marine Habitats in Singapore

Hydrobiology Singapore has been commissioned by the ‘National Parks Board’ (NParks) to map coastal habitats and shoreline types along the coastlines of Singapore. This is a very exciting project which requires the use of both remote sensing satellite imagery and ground truthing efforts to assess and characterise different coastal habitat and shoreline types throughout Singapore.…

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New Appointment

Hydrobiology is pleased to announce the appointment of a new staff member. Denise Cassina joins the Perth Office as the Office Administrator, she has over 10 years of experience with proven administration management capabilities across a wide range of industries. She also holds an Advanced Diploma in Work Health and Safety and brings her experience…

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SSSI Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) Seminar, Perth

Hydrobiology recently attended the ‘Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute’ (SSSI) Seminar on ‘Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and other Technological Considerations’ in Perth. Highlights included the use of ‘Augmented Reality’ to assess rock face stability, Landgate’s Urban Monitor Project from which local councils can count and, in some instances, identify species of woody trees and the development of…

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