Our Team

Hydrobiology was incorporated in 2001 by Andy Markham and Ross Smith who met in Papua New Guinea in 1991. By 2002 we had moved from home offices to a Milton, Brisbane premises where staff levels, turnover and global exporting activities expanded. In 2006 Hydrobiology established a Perth office, which reflected our geographic project spread across tropical and sub-tropical Australia. An office in Papua New Guinea closely followed in 2010. In 2018 we opened an office in Singapore to better service the Southeast Asian market.

Early company projects were a mixture of Local and State Government work in Queensland, Ports and resource projects in Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. This diversification continued over time which has resulted in an extensive client base of high profile clients with a geographical reach that exceeds most of our peers. Our company works locally near the office bases, and in distant and remote areas where our expertise is required. These services are underpinned by investment in state-of-the-art monitoring equipment and support systems, and by ensuring senior staff are heavily involved in providing client services.

Dr Andy Markham is a Fluvial Geomorphologist, Surface Water Hydrologist and Chartered Environmental Scientist. He has a PhD in fluvial geomorphology from London University, over 30 years of experience and has worked on consulting assignments worldwide.

Dr Andy Markham

Director (QLD)
Land and Water Management

Dr Ross Smith has over 30 years’ experience as an aquatic ecologist/ecotoxicologist. He has specialist experience in responses of populations and communities of aquatic biota to environmental changes in a wide variety of freshwater and estuarine habitats, and possesses significant skills in univariate and multivariate statistical analysis techniques.

Dr Ross Smith

Director (QLD)
Ecological Risk Assessment

Phil is a Chartered Chemist with the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (MRACI CChem #32216) who specialises in environmental chemistry. He has worked across Australia and internationally in the field environmental impact assessment including at some of the world’s major contaminated sites. He is a technical committee member of the International Mine Water Association (IMWA) and a peer reviewer for journal papers.

Phil Whittle

Regional Manager (Western Australia)
Environmental Geochemistry

Simon is a consulting ecologist with extensive experience in research and environmental consulting. His field of expertise includes aquatic, marine and terrestrial ecology with an emphasis on rigorous statistical designs. Simon also has experience in broader aspects of environmental management and approvals processes, and a healthy exposure to contaminated land management – both above and below the water.

Simon Drummond

Regional Manager (Southeast Asia)
Ecology and Biodiversity Management

Dr Ben Pearson is an experienced geomorphologist, environmental consultant and advisor, with 15 years of industry experience. In his current role, Ben manages the Land and Water Management group at Hydrobiology, focusing on fluvial and coastal geomorphology, water quality, sediment transport processes and impact assessments.

Dr Ben Pearson

Technical Lead (QLD)
Land and Water Management

Dustin Hobbs is an environmental professional with 12 years’ consulting experience. In his current role, Dustin manages the Environmental Risk Assessment group at Hydrobiology, is a project manager for Australian and overseas clients and assists clients to understand their environmental obligations and develop and implement plans to achieve those goals in an environmentally and financially sustainable fashion.

Dustin Hobbs

Technical Lead (QLD)
Environmental Risk Assessment

Shirley is a marine environmental consultant with over 13 years post-graduate experience in environmental consulting. Her field of expertise includes marine and aquatic Ecology and Oceanography. Shirley is experienced in leading key technical studies required for environmental impact assessment and ongoing management of these projects to international standards.

Shirley Dawe

Technical Lead (Western Australia)
Marine and Coastal Sciences

Trang is an Environmental Chemistry Scientist with 10+ years’ experience in research and implementation research outcomes for resource industries. Her field of expertise includes analytical chemistry, geochemistry, bioavailability and metal/loid speciation studies. She has gained significant experience and knowledge on a number of projects focusing on the chemistry process of inorganic pollutants in water, sediment, tailings, soil and air. Trang’s works has focussed on understanding the impacts of pollutants associated with mining activities to aquatic ecosystem and human health.

Dr Trang Huynh

Technical Lead (QLD)
Environmental Chemistry

Justin is a highly qualified senior scientist who has been working in the environmental industry for over eight years. Justin has extensive experience in field based monitoring programs and aquatic ecological (both marine and freshwater systems) investigations, which includes the use of passive (netting) and active (electrofishing) fish survey techniques. Justin is also highly proficient at surveying/sampling of many biological indicators (macroinvertebrates, diatoms, phytoplankton, etc), aquatic reptiles and mammals, and riparian floristic surveys.

Justin Cutajar

Senior Scientist (QLD)
Ecology and Biodiversity Management

Marie is a senior scientist specialised in ecotoxicology. She has over 7 years of post-graduate experience applying her skills to various environmental challenges for both research and the industry. Marie is part of the environmental risk assessment team and has worked on multiple ecotoxicology investigations of freshwater and marine environments, particularly through the assessment of contaminant concentrations in tissues of organisms and the application of chemical modelling tools.

Dr Marie Bigot

Senior Scientist (QLD)
Environmental Risk Assessment

Frances is an ecotoxicologist who has been working in environmental science for over four years. Her experience involves a range of projects from the tropics to polar environments in ecotoxicology, environmental risk assessment, impact assessment, ecology and water quality. She has also completed a PhD in hydrocarbon ecotoxicology, focusing on the management of marine fuel spills in Antarctica.

Dr Frances Alexander

Scientist (QLD)
Environmental Risk Assessment

Dr Lin Quanhong has 10 years of professional experience in the consultancy industry after completion of his PhD study in hydrodynamic modelling and sediment transport. His diverse experience include hydraulics, environmental-related projects (Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Management and Monitoring Programme, water quality, tailings impact on rivers), project management.

Dr Lin Quanhong

Senior Scientist (Singapore)
Marine and Coastal Sciences

James Keating is a Fisheries Scientist with 10 years freshwater and marine experience. His PhD research investigated the population dynamics of a commercially important fish (blue whiting) in the NE Atlantic. James contributed to several EU and International research projects such as ICES fish stock assessments for widely distributed species, EURO-BASIN and SALSEA-Merge.

Dr James Keating

Project Manager (Western Australia)
Marine and Coastal Sciences

Dare is a highly qualified aquatic ecologist who has been working in the environmental industry for the past 2 years. He is part of the ecology and biodiversity management team and has worked on ecotoxicology investigations of freshwater and marine environments, with a focus on metal concentrations of aquatic flora and fauna. Having previously worked as an aquaculture technician and in bush regeneration, he has gained a well-rounded knowledge of environmental impacts on both riparian and aquatic ecosystems.

Dare Lawrence

Scientist (QLD)
Ecology and Biodiversity Management

Manjeeti Juggernauth is a Marine Biologist. She has a BSc in Marine and Freshwater Biology from Edith Cowan University, with over 8 years of experience in environmental investigation and monitoring, water quality analysis, and habitat surveys. Her field of expertise includes marine and aquatic ecology and impact assessment. She has worked on projects in Australia and Brazil, and managed various projects in Mauritius, Australia and Maldives

Manjeeti Juggernauth

Scientist (Western Australia)
Ecology and Biodiversity Management

Jacqueline is a senior environmental consultant with more than 5 years of relevant industrial experience. Her fields of expertise include marine and terrestrial ecology, environmental impact assessment, environmental management and monitoring plans, and hydraulic modelling. Jacqueline has a well-rounded knowledge in understanding the environmental impact to marine ecological habitats and water quality, particularly in dredging and reclamation sectors. Her focus is in the Southeast Asian region based out of Singapore.

Jacqueline Tham

Senior Scientist (Singapore)
Marine and Coastal Sciences

Adin is an experienced project manager and commercial business management professional with a BSc in Environmental Management and Masters of Business Administration. He has significant experience across the environmental industry, mining, oil and gas, non-profit and local government. He has experience in broader aspects of environmental management and a healthy exposure to land restoration.

Adin Lang

Project Manager
Western Australia

Nicole is a highly qualified geomorphologist who has been working in the environmental industry for the past 2 years. Nicole has a Masters in Geography specialising in fluvial geomorphology and has extensive experience in geomorphic assessments, River StylesTM catchment assessments, environmental monitoring programmes, UAV surveying, applied GIS spatial analysis and Structure-from-Motion photogrammetry. She has worked on projects in Australia, New Zealand, China and Brazil.

Nicole Wheeler

Scientist | Geomorphologist (QLD)
Land and Water Management

Josh is part of the ecology and biodiversity management team and has over 10 years of professional experience in the ecological consulting industry after completing his BSc in Marine Biology from Swansea University. Josh has extensive experience in conducting ecological surveys, having collected samples from a range of different freshwater, estuarine, coastal and offshore environments. He has worked internationally on projects involving mines, ports and harbours, renewables, oil and gas, marine aggregates, fisheries, research and governmental work.

Josh Hatton

Scientist (QLD)
Ecology and Biodiversity Management

Amanda has over 19 years of Office Administration and Executive Assistance experience, providing high-level, overall office administration and business services support. Amanda’s areas of expertise include; Executive Administrative Assistance, Business Process and Improvement Development, Document Management, Formatting & Quality Assurance, Stakeholder Engagement, Schedule Management, Human Resources, Events Coordination, Front Office Management and Reception.

Amanda Sillman

Administration Coordinator

Denise has over 10 years of Office Administration experience with proven administration management capabilities across a wide range of industries. She also brings her experience in developing processes to improve business’ health, safety and quality systems, providing advice across the company and ensuring compliance to laws, regulations and industry standards.

Denise Cassina

Administration Coordinator
Western Australia

Ross is a Marine Biologist. He has a Masters in Biological Science in Marine Biology from the University of Western Australia. His thesis focused on the fish assemblage structure of the Exmouth Gulf and its relationship with the areas habitat. He has experience in marine ecology, habitat mapping, aquaculture and has performed fieldwork across Western Australia’s coastline. His field of expertise includes fish ecology and marine habitats.

Ross Gillis

Marine Biologist
Western Australia

Savannah is a freshwater ecologist. She has a Masters of Biological Science in Conservation Biology. Savannah’s thesis investigated the habitat use of giant freshwater shrimp in northern Australia to inform sustainable water resource development. She has worked on a range of projects including environmental flow requirements, ecological surveys, population studies, risk assessments and developing water quality guidelines.

Savannah Killerby-Smith

Western Australia

Brendan is an Advisor and Scientist, and engages with industry, policy makers, innovators, research communities and the public to help drive balanced outcomes to the most pressing environmental challenges facing humanity, such as clean energy, climate impact, population pressure, and natural area management. Holding 18-years’ experience throughout APAC & Latin America, Brendan’s technical background is in corporate strategy and marine science.

Brendan Massy

Advisor & Scientist

Gisele is an experienced Biologist who has been working as environmental manager for over 15 years. She has a Masters in Environmental Science and is a member of the International Association for Impact Assessment. Her fields of expertise includes water quality analysis, geochemistry, environmental investigation and monitoring. Gisele is Hydrobiology’s Project Coordinator for South America.

Gisele Krüger

Project Coordinator
South America

Professional Associations

Hydrobiology and staff maintain professional affiliations and associations with leading peak representative bodies, and regularly present at international conferences. One of our Directors was 2015 President of Science and Technology Australia, another is an Assessor for the Royal Geographic Society of London. Staff members are active in a variety of forums, including sitting on society management committees.

  • Australia – PNG Association
  • Singapore Water Association
  • Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
  • PNG Chamber of Mines and Petroleum
  • Society for Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry
  • Royal Geographic Society of London & Queensland
  • Environmental Institute of Australia and New Zealand (EIANZ)
  • European Geosciences Union
  • International Mine Water Association
  • International Society of Trace Element Biogeochemistry
  • Ecological Society of Australia
  • Royal Australian Chemical Institute
  • Australian Society for Limnology
  • Australian Marine Sciences Association
  • Environmental Consultants Association (WA)
  • Society of Conservation Biology
  • Australian Water Association
  • River Basin Management Society
  • Australian and New Zealand Geomorphology Group
  • Australian Institute of Biology
  • Australian Society for Fish Biology
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science